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A locksmith specializes in matters to do with locks and keys. They currently handle more technological advancements as well, such as digital access systems, and fire/burglar alarm systems. Locksmith services are very important for the security and comfort of a person. With the right contractor, one can be sure of high-quality service, whether commercial or residential.

Auto locksmith contractors offer services like keyless entry installation, rekey door locks, duplicate keys, and rekey of the ignition cylinder.

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How to get the best locksmith contractor

The most important factor is screening and background check. Locksmiths should be trustworthy; so as to avoid cases of burglary resulting from unauthorized key duplication.

Availability should also be considered before hiring a locksmith contractor. This is because locksmith emergency services need to be addressed promptly. A reliable locksmith must be available 24/7/365, even on public holidays.

Another factor to consider is the training and experience level. A good Scarborough locksmith must have gone through extensive training, acquired certification and license, and also had first-hand experience in the field.

Response time contributes a lot to customer satisfaction and safety. A good locksmith must be able to offer service within 30 minutes to 2 hours when called upon.

Different locksmiths specialize in different services. A good contractor should be in a position to offer automotive locksmith services, as well as handle residential and commercial locks, keys and safes. This helps reduce the strain and stress of having to hire more than one contractor at a time.

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Flexibility is very important when looking for a locksmith. Some locksmiths also offer sliding door repair services, which is a plus, considering that clients may not always be able to reach the locksmith shop’s location.

How to avoid locksmith scam

Cases of locksmith scam are on the rise, and everyone must be on the lookout to avoid being a victim of such circumstances. Fake locksmiths charge very little, such as $15-$40, to entice a customer. They then come to the site and meddle with locks or keys, replacing even what only needs to be unlocked. These are some tips to help avoid locksmith scam:

  • Doing background research before hiring a locksmith
  • Getting an estimate before the work starts
  • Asking about any extra charges before the service begins
  • Enquiring about locksmith identification such as a license where necessary
  • Checking the locksmith company’s vehicle. Genuine companies have clearly branded vehicles
  • Getting the exact locksmith’s details, such as the company name and location.
  • Getting the name of the specific locksmith concerned.
  • Enquiring about the method of payment. Most fraudulent locksmiths prefer payment made in cash, while legit companies go for cheques and credit cards.
  • Avoid out-of-state call centers
  • Checking the review section of the company’s website to see what previous clients say about them

How to avoid being locked out

A lockout situation can cost one $50-$100, which depends on the type of door in question, where you are, and the time of day. To avoid a lockout, one should:

  1. Have someone else who is trustworthy to store the spare key
  2. Hide a spare key in the wallet
  3. Use a doorknob system with a digital keypad that requires a personal code for entry
  4. Hide the spare key somewhere safe outside the house, like in a plastic container under a rock.

How to maintain locks

Door locks normally wear out with age or simply get dirty and grimy. One should restore the locks to shape, in order to avoid cases of a key stuck or broken in the lock. Here are some tips for maintaining locks:

The first step is to identify a product for lubricating locks, such as graphite powders. One can also use sprays which have Teflon as a component. One should be careful not to use lubricants that evaporate eventually like WD-40 since they form grounds for the accumulation of dirt.

Following the manufacturer’s instructions on the use of a product ensures efficiency when spraying it into the lock. Thorough whirling helps to ensure the lubricant gets to all parts. Once the spraying is over, one should clean up any overspray.

Annual lock cleanup is necessary for proper functioning and also helps to avoid frequent costs of repair and replacement.

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